Thanks to our collaboration with the agency Leonardo ADV we can satisfy all communication requests of our customers offering a wide and detailed line of products for branding solutions, performances and direct email marketing activities.

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Every website of our network propose a specific subject and it is managed by experts who create multimedia and customized texts and contents. Advertising space in every page complies with common standards.

Beny Raccah

Co-founder IsayBlog



We helped more than 500 hundred of companies to promote their products through advertorials and other ad formats.

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If you are an online editor and your blog is followed by a lot of visitors, you can join our advertising network. Ask us how to do it.

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We can reach the most important socio-demographic targets and the best social and thematic channels.


We provide a variety of planning methods (sponsorship, impression, GRP, performance) for all formats: branded content, rich media, video, display, DEM.


We can realize all your purposes (awareness, engagement, call to action) granting you visibility and an effective return on your investment.